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Navigating Retirement can be complex and evaluating the many options while running our already busy life can be a challenge. Our webinars and live presentations are designed with education in mind. The objective is to show you the concepts behind the recommendations we make. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Social Secruity Benefits Workshop

Saturday, July 13th , 2024 10 am - 12 pm

  • How to properly file for Social Security Benefits.
  • Maximize the amount you are eligible to receive.
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes people make when claiming their benefits.
  • Optimize your assets to minimize or avoid paying taxes on your social security benefits.
  • How much income you can make and still draw social security.
  • You can give away $100,000 or more by making the wrong selection!

Living a Tax Free Retirement

Saturday, July 20th , 2024 10 am -1 2:00 pm

  • How to establish a retirement strategy tailored to your goals and objectives while considering your risk tolerance.
  • Identify the IRA Ticking Time Bomb.
  • How to optimize your asset allocation to minimize risk of loss.
  • Why paying off your mortgage early might be a bad idea.
  • How to use your banking strategies to become your own banker.
  • How to use current IRS tax codes to create a tax-free retirement.
  • How to generate predictable and reliable income for life.

upcoming Events

Women Wine and Wealth

Saturday, August 17th , 2024 2 pm- 4 pm

Unveil the power of financial wisdom at Women, Wine, and Wealth – an exclusive event by Edward Financial Group. Savor exquisite wines as you delve into a comprehensive financial seminar tailored for women, where we craft personalized written financial and legacy plans. Join us in a celebration of empowerment, knowledge, and connections. Elevate your financial future with a perfect blend of expertise, fine wines, and the camaraderie of like-minded women and their significant others.

7 Risks to Retirement

Monday, June 3rd , 2024 8 pm- 8:30 pm

It is imperative for every retiree to be cognizant of the seven key risks associated with retirement, as they have the potential to disrupt one’s envisioned retirement lifestyle. This webinar proves beneficial regardless of whether you have already finalized your retirement plan or are in the initial stages of contemplating your retirement journey. The seven risks encompass Longevity Risk, Inflation, Sequence of Returns, Withdrawal Rate Risk, Social Security, Health Care, and Taxation.

It is crucial to incorporate preventive measures within your retirement plan to mitigate these risks and ensure the resilience of your financial strategy. Please join us for a webinar that talks through these risks ensuring a better outcome for your retirement.