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Our typical policy will help pay to repair damage caused by
certain risks, or perils, including:

Fire and smoke
Windstorm or hail
Jewelry, Firearm and Furs
Emergency Expense Benefit

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    Household items are protected from theft the peace of mind that comes with protecting the items that you worked hard for is invaluable.
    Renters insurance policies are content coverage for the items of the insured. A roommate would need to take out a policy for their personal belongings.
    Renters insurance covers Personal Property.

    Liability Damage to someone else property, the injury of someone else and to pay the expenses out of pocket.

    Additional living Expenses- If you were unable to live in a covered property due to a covered peril the renters insurance policy would pay for you to live somewhere else up to certain limits and/ or until the covered property was livable.
    Yes, in most cases renters insurance will cover items stolen from you car. However, any damage to the car itself will not be covered. In other words, if somebody were to break your window and steal a play station 5 from your car, renters insurance would likely cover the Playstation 5, while your car insurance would cover the broken window.
    Some policies may cover the actions of a pet such as a dog bite. They may also cover if a pet passed away in the event of a covered peril like a fire. These provisions are specific to each carrier and as a rule of thumb hiring an agent who specializes in this coverage can help you navigate to the best product for you.

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