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Edward Financial Group With access to innovative tools and a local agent, it's easy to make sure you're covering all your bases. 

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A standard Critical Illness policy insurance policy will typically help pay for out-of-pocket costs associated with having a Critical Illness. 

Heart Attack
Alzheimer's Disease
Major Organ Transplant
Kidney Failure
Critical Illness Coverage

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    Critical Illness policy will provide cash in the event of an critical Illness. For example, heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer Disease etc.
    A critical illness policy pays you directly it does not pay the hospital.
    These policies do not require a medical exam.
    Application are able within 2-3 days up to 50,000 . 50,000 or above it should take 3-5 business days.
    Yes, plans come in Individual, Single Parent, and Family packages.

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