Average Cost of Cremation

Average Cost of Cremation

Because Final Expense Insurance offers limited financial benefits, many find themselves interested in finding the lowest cost options for their funeral. As you consider your various options, you’ll notice how easily the price adds up. It’s clear that cremation is a very popular choice for those looking to reduce expenses. State by state, cremation is consistently the cheaper option, and its popularity is on the rise. In fact, it is estimated that by 2030 as many as 70% of us will choose to be cremated.

Average Cost

There are several reasons why someone may prefer cremation, but no doubt many choose this option because it is far less expensive. It is possible for this service to cost a mere few hundred dollars. But take into account that with a viewing or even a modest service, costs will begin adding up quickly to the thousands. Just the urn itself may cost nearly as much as the cremation service.

If handled directly, the national average of a modest cremation is typically over $2,000, while cremation with a viewing service soars over $6,000. The location of the service plays a major role in the final costs as every state has its own laws and requirements for the process. An in-house cremation in Nevada could be performed for under $500, while one in Texas could cost almost $7,000. 

How to Cover Costs

Cremation omits some burial expenses, but without a thorough examination of fees and services, you could find yourself paying just as much. Keep in mind that factors such as the funeral home, transportation, burial plot, graveside service, and urn selection (just to name a few) will all determine the final price tag. Additionally, the choice to independently source things like flowers, materials, and even some services can greatly reduce expenses. If not sourced through a third party, the funeral home will typically handle these needs and pass along a heavily inflated bill to your loved ones.

When determining how much Final Expense Insurance you need, you must have some idea of what those final expenses will be. If your final wishes include cremation services, plan carefully. Ideally, your insurance policy benefit will offer significant enough coverage to do as it was intended and assist your family in a time of need.

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