Average Cost of a Funeral

Average Cost of a Funeral

Most people who purchase Final Expense Insurance do so to cover funeral and/or burial costs. But how much coverage do you need? If you want to offset or cover this expense, it is important to know how much a funeral costs when considering your policy. It may seem odd to think about such things, but it is an inevitable occasion, and someone will be left covering the expense. Let’s examine the price of the average funeral to aid the decision-making process.

What are the Costs?

It goes without saying that funeral costs vary widely depending on the facility and the type of service. A modest cremation handled in-house by a funeral home will cost just a few hundred dollars, while a more extravagant event could easily reach tens of thousands of dollars. The average national cost of a traditional viewing, funeral, and burial is currently $7,640. This cost does not include a vault.

One might expect to pay a fee for a viewing facility or a casket, but there are many expenses one might not anticipate unless they have handled such an event before. Some of the fees to consider are administrative or permit fees, equipment rental fees for the viewing or burial itself, fees for preparing and embalming the body, pamphlet and material costs, hearse rental, and staff fees for clergy, florists, or musicians. In many cases, the funeral home will cover these costs as they arise with a cash advance and then charge an inflated rate for reimbursement.

In an effort to cut costs, many choose to source equipment or services independently. This can be a helpful cost-reducing option if you are thorough and detail-oriented. However, shipping costs or permit fees can cause this effort to backfire if not done correctly.

It is wise to equip yourself with resources as you consider the type of service you desire, either for yourself or your loved one. Both the Federal Trade Commission and the NFDA offer price lists so you aren’t blindsided or overcharged. It is often easier to navigate these costs and prepare yourself and your loved ones before the difficult grieving process begins.

How to Cover These Costs

As you consider what services are right for you and your loved ones, the financial aspect may seem overwhelming. This is where a Final Expense Insurance policy can be an extremely valuable asset. Even if the policy doesn’t cover 100% of the final amount, it can provide enough assistance to lighten the burden of these inevitable costs.

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