Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Index Universal Life insurance is a flexible premium adjustable life insurance plan that participates in the market upside without receiving any of the markets downside. You are contractually guaranteed to not loose your principal balance.

Indexed Universal Life can:

    • Grow your funds without the thought of a loss
    • Create a Legacy that extends to your grandchildren
    • Game changing retirement tool

Medical exam

Indexed Universal Life Insurance can have non-medical options up to certain face amounts but it is generally going to be a coverage that requires a paramedical Exam.

Face Amount

Indexed Universal Life Insurance can have limits as high as 50 million.


Indexed universal life's pricing can be adjustable however the strategy used with retirement planning usually dictates paying up this plan sooner rather than later. When paying monthly payments skipping payments can have adverse affects.


Riders can be used to enhance to customize the policy to fit the client. Accidental Death Benefit, Child and grandchild riders and more.

  • Affordable Premiums
  • Experienced Brokers
  • Non-medical options
  • Variety of Riders available
  • Face amounts up to 50,000,000

The coverage can participate in a variety of markets from the S&P 500, Dow Jones, Heng Seng, Russell 2000 and more.

These policy can be equipped with living benefits that will allow you to accelerate the death benefit while your still living if you suffer from a chronic or critical illness. Common critical illnesses are stroke, heart attack and cancer.

The ability to have access to your money while it is growing is one of the reasons the policy is a retirement game changer.

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