Guaranteed Acceptance Life

Guaranteed Acceptance life insurance is fixed premium life insurance that is designed to last the entire life of the insured. Guaranteed issue, as it is sometimes referred, generally has a two or three year waiting period the beneficiary would receive the paid premiums back plus an interest rate. It can also be setup as percentage off the face amount within the first couple of years. For example, 35% of the face amount in the first year if the insured where to die, 75% in the second and full benefit in the third year.

Guaranteed Life Insurance:

  •  Level Premiums that are Guaranteed
  •  Death Benefits that are Guaranteed
  •  Guaranteed Cash value
Guaranteed Acceptance whole Life

Medical exam

All Guaranteed Acceptance whole life insurance do not require a medical exam

Face Amount

Guaranteed Acceptance whole life insurance can have face amounts as high as 35,000k

No price Increase

The price of your policy never increases as long as your premiums are paid. This coverage can also have limits to the length of time during the payment period.


Guaranteed Acceptance whole life insurance generally does not have any riders.

  • Affordable Premiums
  • Non-medical
  • Experienced Brokers
  • Face amounts up to 35,000k

We can cover any age with our guaranteed acceptance whole life policies from 0-85 with our plans.

You can obtain a guaranteed acceptance whole life with any medical conditions. Copd, Cancer, stroke. Hiv, cerebral palsey all can be covered by this coverage.

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